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I have had this blog for a while now but just never had it in me to post. That anxiety that comes with imagining people reading it and being like ‘such nonsense’ kept me as far away from it as possible until I even forgot my log in details.

But I finished reading a book today and that book took forever to finish. Picking it up on some days was a struggle and some days I did not want to put it down… What made me always get to it though is the support from my family, friends and my husband who just kept telling me to keep at it. The high-five from my husband after I finished reading a chapter, the “take your time chomi” from a good friend who sent me lovely voice-notes on WhatsApp and the “that PhD is for all of us” text from my twin brother is what helped me finish it.

So here I am – finally posting. This is my third month into the PhD journey and this blog is to document my experiences as a young black woman with a dream of getting her PhD and being in academia. I am excited to see how it will turn out and hope you enjoy the ride to Dr Majombozi with me.